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Logistics being the movement of materials or goods, Intralogistics is a multi-disciplinary approach which aims to optimise productivity and reduce costs. It takes into account LEAN principles of operation, ergonomics, technology and labour.



Not all TTD's are created equal. Getting a train of trolleys to track correctly is a science which LLP has mastered. With design principles adopted, and input from Myzer, we are able to manufacture TTD's locally - giving you the benefit of international technological expertise at a competitive rate.
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The E-frame was designed to transport platform trolleys with the possibility of both standard and non-standard configuration of the superstructure. The system provides comfortable operation of exchanging the platforms on both the left and the right side of transportation paths. The E-frame guarantees a very good tracking trajectory both around corners and along a straight path.
E-Frame 'mother & daughter' configuratio
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The limitation of E-frame system is it's one-sidedness. The Spider system solves this problem, giving you the ability to deliver and receive components on both sides.
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The unmanned transportation system is undoubtedly the future of modern production plants. The main benefit of using the AGV system is cost reduction.
The SamartLine 3000 provides transportation for a set of trolleys up to 3 tons. The SL3000 is equipped with a state-of-the-art optical guidance system, enabling precise line tracking (painted or glued) in several colors.

Autonomous transportation systems - AGV | Features:
  • Interrupting or cutting a line does not interfere or stop the robot from working.
  • Replacing the battery takes only 5 minutes.
  • The most modern 48V motor provides efficient usage of energy which results in extended working time on a single charge; energy recovery while braking is an optional feature.
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